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Tribute Series Pack

Regular price AU $1,250.00

The Tribute Series is an extremely rare and artisan range of wine, that showcases the pinnacle of Bird in Hand winemaking expertise while paying special tribute to select individuals whose lives and contributions have shaped our history.  Often only 1 – 2 barrels are produced of some of these wines, making them both extremely limited and highly sought after. The Tribute Series Pack includes a select number of Tribute Series wines as well as favourites from the Nest Egg and Bird in Hand range.

This pack includes:

1X 2013 Tribute Series MAC
1X 2017 Tribute Series TED
1X 2020 Bird in Hand Shiraz (New Release)
2X 2019 Nest Egg Chardonnay
2X 2009 Nest Egg Cabernet Sauvignon (Museum Release)
1X 2012 Nest Egg Shiraz
2X 2018 Bird in Hand Sparkling 'O'
1X 2010 Nest Egg Merlot
1X 2016 Bird in Hand Syrah (Museum Release)